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2017 13 Apr

Digital Railway programme in Line with Industrial Strategy

Posted in Digital Railway Programme Industry

In the last newsletter, we covered the launch of the Government’s Industrial Strategy (January 2017), which sets out how the UK will deliver a high-skilled, post-Brexit economy nationwide, with a link to the Green Paper currently out for consultation. As rail modernisation is identified as a crucial driver both for the continued growth of our cities and for job-creation, it’s encouraging to see how closely the strategy and Digital Railway programme (DRP) are aligned.

Essentially, the strategy not only underpins the DRP’s core objectives of providing an enhanced rail network through the use of digital technology, but also supports the approach we are taking to achieve these aims. In particular, how we aim to work collaboratively with the industry as a whole to transform suppliers’ capabilities, introduce and foster new skills and approaches, and embrace the adoption of modern technologies – both from within and outside our traditional industry sector.

Commenting on the Green Paper, Stuart Calvert, who is leading the DRP’s Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) programme, said: “Our approach of working widely across government, academia and the supply-chain, as well as with leading suppliers from other industries, clearly resonates with the approach outlined in the Industrial Strategy. In fact, realising the benefits from the Digital Railway programme simply won’t be possible if we don’t embrace all these elements and draw on the skills, knowledge and ideas that are available to us.”

Please use this link view the Industrial Strategy >> Building our Industrial Strategy: green paper