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2017 13 Apr

Introducing the Industry Programme Management Office

Posted in Industry

As a cross-industry initiative, the efficient delivery of the Digital Railway Programme will be owned and managed by several stakeholders in different organisations. Establishing the Industry-wide Programme Management Office (PMO) was therefore essential to ensure effective coordination, decision making and collaborative working.

When Patrick Gallagher took on the role as Head of PMO in January, the first priority for him and his seven-strong team was to identify and develop the core areas where the PMO could add industry-wide value and support. Following a three-month period of internal review and consultation with stakeholders, the team identified three key areas that required immediate focus:

  • Developing an Integrated Industry Schedule – although the different groups within the programme already work extremely closely and collaboratively, the PMO is developing a fully-integrated, industry-wide schedule which will enable each group to see their role in a much broader context, at every stage. The first draft of the schedule was published on 24th March 2017.
  • Clarifying the role of Governance – due to the complexity of the DRP, decision making can be a slow and cumbersome process. The PMO aims to make decision making painless, fast and efficient, whilst ensuring that ultimately the right decisions are made. We are currently running workshops with key stakeholders to define roles, responsibilities and the most appropriate governance structure after the Digital Railway Business Cases are approved.
  • Simplifying the Change Control Process – although a vital element in the management of any programme, we intend to make change control a useful tool rather than a burden. As a result, we have commenced work with stakeholders to develop and implement new simplified processes.

Patrick Gallagher, said: “Now that we better understand the key expectations and requirements of our stakeholders, we have absolute clarity in our role and are working hard to develop and deliver an effective service to the wider programme. As we continue to work closely with the whole industry to ensure we provide the best possible support and advice, we are now also turning our attention to a number of other key areas, including Risk Management and Quality Assurance.”