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2017 13 Apr

Planning for change – working with our union colleagues

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Two of the union members of the Digital Railway Operations Joint Working Group, Phil Boorman (RMT) and Kaye Dennison (TSSA) presented to senior railway leaders about the Digital Railway programme’s approach to people change.

The union reps accompanied Paul Sutherland, Digital Railway’s head of operations and maintenance, at the Digital Railway Advisory Group. Paul Sutherland, said: “The approach of the Digital Railway programme is different. We are involving affected staff and their representatives at an early stage to identify issues and jointly develop solutions via the Operations Joint Working Group.”

Each of the presenters relayed personal experiences about past deployments of technology failing to deliver the expected benefits, as the change involving people was not handled well. They also spoke of a few good examples where the transition to change was a positive experience and where individual’s needs were properly addressed. The Digital Railway programme has been learning from these experiences and working closely with the Joint Working Groups to make sure the transition to a digital train control, command and signalling is successful for our workforce.

The Operations Joint Working Group began work in 2016 and has representatives of RMT, TSSA and Digital Railway.

In March this year, a Maintenance Joint Working Group was also launched and the group has received presentations on several different aspects of digital railway and agreed its terms of reference.