A digital railway for a modern Britain
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A Significant Capacity Increase

More Trains

Our railway carries twice as many passengers as it did just two decades ago but demand is still set to rise dramatically in the years ahead.

Digital Railway is the industry’s improved plan to tackle the UK’s capacity crunch by accelerating the digital modernisation of the railway to deliver sustainability.

More trains will run on existing tracks – safer, faster and cheaper – helping to increase the impact of vital upgrades.

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The next 1,000,000,000 journeys

Better Connections

To sustain economic growth, our cities need a railway that connects more skills to jobs, and more goods to market, than ever before.

And to build on our success as a competitive hub of international trade, Britain needs a rail freight service that’s as agile and dynamic as modern supply chains.

Digital modernisation is the essential enabler to make this happen through an industry-wide delivery programme.

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Greater Reliability

In today’s busy railway, a single problem can spread disruption far and wide throughout the day.

By modernising train command, control and signalling systems designed in a pre-digital age, modern railways are delivering substantial improvements in reliability at lower cost.

Digital Railway is the national initiative to bring these benefits to our railway within a generation, and so giving passengers the reliable timetable they deserve to plan their lives and activities.

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Proven technology

Digital Railway aims to deliver the benefits of digital signalling and train control more quickly than current plans, deploying proven technology in a way that maximises economic benefit to the UK and giving passengers greater capacity and reliability safely and sustainably.

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Benefits to the UK

An investment in rail in this generation is vital for the next.

A Digital Railway delivers benefits for the whole of the UK from economic growth to a better rail experience for passengers and customers alike.

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