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2016 17 Jun

Rail Industry Backs Modernisation

Posted in Government Industry

Senior representatives from train operators and the freight industry have told an influential Committee of MPs that digital modernisation would expand capacity on the most congested parts of the network and support the rail freight sector.

As part of the Transport Select Committee’s Inquiry into rail technology MPs questioned the leaders of Arriva, South West Trains and the Rail Freight Group earlier this week.

MPs were told that the introduction of digital technologies on the South West Main Line, the busiest commuter route on the network, would deliver desperately needed extra trains at a fraction of the cost of building a new track into Waterloo.

The Committee also learned that the Digital Railway Programme would boost rail freight with opportunities for new routes and connections.

Collaboration across the rail industry will be essential for a successful implementation of digital technology and the industry representatives stressed the need to work together with suppliers and operators across the industry.

There will be two further public evidence sessions which are expected to take place in July.

Full details of the Transport Select Committee’s Inquiry can be found here.