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2016 25 Jul

Digital Railway pilot revised to focus on route issues

Posted in Future plans

Passenger demand is growing and it is vital that alongside new rail infrastructure we use digital technology to respond to this challenge. It will help improve capacity and reliability.

As a programme, Digital Railway is focussed on addressing critical issues on the network to deliver benefits for users of the railway. This must be part of an integrated national systems based approach to ensure it is achieved efficiently and collaboratively with the supply chain.

Given the need for Anglia Route to undertake resignalling by 2019 at the latest, we have reviewed the NYL scheme in discussion with stakeholders. We have concluded that the NYL scheme will not be the first full deployment of digital railway, the Anglia Route continue to plan for the signalling renewal required by 2019. We are working with them to make sure this is future proofed so that it can be upgraded to full ERTMS with minimal disruption.

Alongside this we are focussed on developing targeted schemes to solve critical network issues. This will deliver value for money, and more benefits for our customers, more quickly. We will say more on the next deployments for digital railway in the Autumn.

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