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2016 13 Sep


Freightliner supports the Digital Railway vision for modernising the railway and how it can solve real issues on today’s rail network.

Digitalising signalling to deliver long term efficiencies, flexibility and capacity on the rail network is an enabler to allow more freight paths and, therefore, freight trains on a network th   at is congested under conventional signalling and train control. Lindsay Durham, Head of Rail Strategy, talks about Freightliner’s support for the Digital Railway vision for […]

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2016 25 Jul

Future plans

Digital Railway pilot revised to focus on route issues

Passenger demand is growing and it is vital that alongside new rail infrastructure we use digital technology to respond to this challenge. It will help improve capacity and reliability. As a programme, Digital Railway is focussed on addressing critical issues on the network to deliver benefits for users of the railway. This must be part […]

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2016 22 Jul

Supply Chain

Digital Railway’s Managing Director hosts Supplier Breakfast

At the end of last week David Waboso, Digital Railway’s new Managing Director, hosted an introductory meeting with a range of colleagues in the supply chain. The meeting was an opportunity for the supply chain to discuss with David industry wide topics. There were representatives from 13 different suppliers from a range of organisations; David […]

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2016 15 Jul


Rail Minister Backs Digital Railway Solution

Claire Perry told MPs this week that the Digital Railway would help tackle the two biggest challenges Britain’s rail network – a shortage of capacity and the need to improve performance.   Appearing before the Transport Select Committee to answer questions as part of its inquiry into rail technology, the rail minister said modernisation had […]

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2016 22 Jun

Industry Supply Chain

Digital Railway hosts supplier collaboration workshop

On Friday 17th June the Digital Railway Collaboration Working Group met in Euston House. 16 different suppliers were represented from the Digital Railway supply chain. Phil Bennett (Commercial Director Digital Railway) from Digital Railway led the meeting and there were a wide range of topics on the agenda. Phil Bennett gave an update on the […]

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