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A world-class railway for a modern Britain

A partnership for delivery

The whole of the rail industry has a part to play in delivering a successful step-change to a more digital railway – from taking the big strategic choices about the best way it can support economic growth in an affordable way, to attracting and developing new skills in the workforce to help make it happen.

The Digital Railway programme coordinates this cross-industry transformation. It brings together industry leaders and governing bodies; and is led by the Advisory Group that informs and sets the programme’s direction. It is critical for us to work in partnership with the industry and we are also engaging the supply chain through our Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) workstream and Joint Development Group (JDG).

Our Advisory Group represents all parts of the rail industry, and we are committed to leading the way towards a digital future. By adopting a cross-industry approach to delivering change, digital railway can be at the forefront of supporting economic growth in this country, and promoting the UK as a global digital railway export market.

The role of Digital Railway programme

On behalf of this partnership, the role of the Digital Railway programme is to:

  • Deliver the analysis that decision-makers need to judge the costs and benefits of digital ways of working to meet the government’s priorities for the railway.
  • Identify which options for funding and managing a more digital railway maximise affordability, value for money and performance.
  • Enable stakeholders with a vital stake in railway to help shape its future.
  • Connect plans to action by delivering targeted digital upgrades.

Together we can deliver Proven technology, An industry programme

Proven technology

Discover the combination of technologies we are using to bring our railway into the 21st century.

Around the world, modern railways and metros are harnessing proven technology to replace traditional signalling and train control with their modern digital successors.

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An industry programme

Digital Railway is industry’s improved plan to deliver more trains, better connections and greater reliability through digital modernisation.

We run through our current delivery plans to release the capacity and connectivity the UK’s economy needs from the railway infrastructure the nation already has.

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