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Proven technology

The digital railway enables us to manage and operate the railway in a very different way

Digital Railway’s strategy is to target digital system upgrades to modernise signalling and train control. The technology is already proven, backed by government policy, and built on open standards that operate across Europe.


The digital railway brings together systems, technology and business change in an integrated way

European Train Control System (ETCS): allows trains to run closer together and to travel at their best speeds whilst maintaining safe braking distances.

Connected Driver Advisory Systems (CDAS) + Automatic Train Operation (ATO): provides decision support to drivers in the cab so that they have the information they need at the right time to boost performance and safety.

Traffic Management (TM): maximises performance as trains flow across the network, maximising the throughput that existing track can support and adapting in real-time as network conditions change to aid rapid recovery.

Telecoms + Data: through FTN and GSM-R, will underpin and connect all these systems.

Industry Readiness: builds capacity and capability and develops expertise. Enables the workforce and industry to adopt new technologies and ways of working, build digital capabilities and maximise the benefits of the overall systems.

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