A long-term plan for digital investment

Digital railway is an industry-backed proposal to digital modernise train signalling, command, and control systems

The Digital Railway programme brings together a diverse range of stakeholders working together to deliver a railway that meets the needs of both passenger and freight customers now and in the future. The rail supply chain play a critical role in developing the priorities for a better railway both on a strategic and tactical level. The Digital Railway programme is committed to a transparent, joined-up, long-term digital roadmap, working collaboratively with the supply chain and supports the rail supply industry’s strategy, ‘Fast Track to the Future’, published by the Rail Supply Group. Digital Railway promotes the strategy’s objectives by:

  • Meeting industry’s need for greater visibility of future demand with a long-term plan for digital investment.
  • Providing a bridgehead to growing global markets by investing in technologies such as Advanced Train Control, where demand is rising and UK firms are well-placed to exploit innovation for global success.
  • Creating new markets and making them available to small and medium sized enterprises, with a supply-chain strategy that maintains a level playing field between large and small suppliers.

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NEWS: Commercial Strategy Collaboration

The first meeting of the Supplier Engagement Working Group took place on Thursday, 7 January 2016. This was the first of four meetings in the diary where suppliers from across the supply chain have volunteered to help develop the digital railway commercial strategy and the continued engagement strategy.   Phil Bennett, Commercial Director said, “We have an opportunity to pave a new way of working with our suppliers to ensure we can deliver the digital railway in a safe, efficient and effective way. The first meeting was very successful and the commitment made by suppliers to continue open and transparent discussions as we co-design the commercial strategy can only lead to success.”   For more information, please contact Phil at

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What is the Joint Development Group (JDG)?

The JDG is an open and collaborative platform whereby the supplier community are called upon to support digital railway project development.

Visit the dedicated webpage to learn more and view related documents.

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